Hunterlink is an experienced workplace training organisation. We deliver practical, tangible training courses to workers, managers and business owners to help them manage stress or fatigue and to work better together with colleagues to maximise performance.

Our mental health and wellbeing training packages are designed to strengthen the working relationships amongst your staff and with your business, improving productivity and helping to attract and retain good staff, while we also provide coaching, advice, and job interview preparation sessions for workers who are transitioning from one workplace to another.

How does a Workplace Wellbeing ROI really work?

Numerous studies demonstrate a positive ROI (return on investment) for workplace wellbeing initiatives, proving that investing in workplace wellbeing does provide a positive return. Effective programs ensure productive and safe…
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Lunch & Learn

Hunterlink’s popular Lunch and Learn program has been designed to deliver workplace wellbeing training in an engaging and accessible way. These short, informative learning modules are run in-house at your…
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Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are Hunterlink’s proactive outreach service to help workers better understand what services and assistance is available to them through their Employee Assistance Provider. Successful workplaces depend on happy,…
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Training Topics

Hunterlink has developed a variety of training programs that cover a wide range of topics for delivery in the workplace, or online, and we are constantly updating our training topics…
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Webinar Series

Hunterlink provides Webinar training modules that your organisation can utilise at a time and location that suits your workforce. The Webinar Series is delivered as a four part program, with…
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What is Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing relates to how workers feel about themselves and their work. At its heart, workplace wellbeing aims to ensure workers are safe, healthy, satisfied and engaged. It focuses on…
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Who benefits from Workplace Wellbeing?

Organisations benefit from increased productivity, less absenteeism, greater innovation, reduced compensation costs and improved organisational culture. An effective and well supported workplace wellbeing program can also set your organisation apart…
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