Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are Hunterlink’s proactive outreach service to help workers better understand what services and assistance is available to them through their Employee Assistance Provider.

Successful workplaces depend on happy, healthy and resilient staff.

It’s important that workers feel safe and confident reaching out when they are experiencing stress in the workplace. Often, simply knowing that there is support available to them should it be required is a source of reassurance.

We want workers to know that we are available for them 24/7, by phone or online, and that we can help them with mental health and wellbeing matters that affect them both in the workplace or at home.

Toolbox Talks can be organised by contacting our team and arranging for us to drop by and visit your work site at a convenient time.

Hunterlink can visit your team on-site at a time that suits your organisation to demonstrate how we can help them with their work and home life.

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Book a Toolbox Talk at your workplace and maximise the benefits of your EAP!

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