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About Hunterlink

A Laser Focus On Improving The Lives Of Your People, And Their Impact On Your Business

We’re Australia’s leading provider of workplace wellbeing services, including training, workshops, counselling and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPS).


We were formed in 2010, initially as a counselling service for the Port of Newcastle, NSW. Since 2011 we have been working with organisations across the country, including remote locations, to deliver tailored, business-specific programs that solve real problems.


Through the programs we deliver with our trusted network of service partners, we have a real-time impact on the happiness, safety and wellbeing of your employees, and their effectiveness for your business.


We can also have a real-time effect on your organisation by reducing workers’ compensation and psychiatric claims, reducing absenteeism, fatigue and accidents, and instilling a lasting culture of wellbeing.  


In short, we help improve your business, and we help save lives.


A bold claim? Maybe.


However, our holistic psychosocial interventions and case-managed plans for individuals are proven to work, our workshops and training have a lasting impact, and our proactive Toolbox Talks give your people the physical and mental tools to deal with – and help their peers deal with – situations as they arise.


We care about making a difference – therefore we want your people to use our services as much as they need to.


That’s why when you work with Hunterlink there’s no cap on counselling sessions, no cap on calls to our 24-hour helpline. You get direct access to professionals – no booking a call in via an admin assistant and waiting hours for a callback.


We want your people to be healthy, happy and productive in your business and in their personal lives.


After all, that’s a win for everyone involved, right?


To remove the stigma of workplace wellbeing

Strong workplace wellbeing programs help businesses and individuals succeed. We focus on making it good to talk, great to ask for help, and focus on generating a culture of supporting your friends and colleagues.


To develop a culture of wellbeing

We work with companies to coach and develop a culture of wellbeing; every individual looking after themselves, their teams and their colleagues.


The more calls, the better

Typically, around 0.5%-1.5% of people make use of EAP services. Companies partnering with Hunterlink usually get 10 times more engagement. Our programs encourage people to talk and make it OK to ask for help. Our programs work.

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The Business Benefits Of A Holistic Approach

The organisations that see the opportunities presented by a holistic, continual approach to workplace wellbeing can enjoy breathtaking results.


Businesses that partner with us typically see a strong return on investment, measured in part by increased presenteeism, reduced absenteeism, fewer accidents, reduced fatigue and healthier workers.


We partner with you for the long-term, to deliver meaningful and effective holistic programs that focus on proactive, early intervention.

Our Toolbox Talks give your teams the practical tools and resources to improve both themselves and their environment.

Why Choose Hunterlink

Selecting a wellbeing partner can be difficult. Here’s what makes Hunterlink different.

Work With Our Senior Staff

Our key people and our trusted providers work directly with you to have a real-time impact.

Reporting And Insights

Our quarterly and annual reports are the litmus test for how your wellbeing programs are impacting your business, with real-time business and incident intelligence overlaid to provide meaningful commentary and analysis.

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Access To Resources

Your dedicated account manager will provide access to a wide range of online resources, as well as our invaluable, in-person Toolbox Talks.

No Cap On Calls And A 24-Hour Helpline

There’s no quota of calls or counselling sessions when working with Hunterlink. When you partner with us, we’re there whenever your employees need us, and provide direct access to professionals.