Training Topics

Hunterlink has developed a variety of training programs that cover a wide range of topics for delivery in the workplace, or online, and we are constantly updating our training topics to meet the needs of our clients and their employees.

Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Hunterlink’s Dealing with Anxiety and Stress workshop provides employees with the tools and resources to support themselves through difficult, taxing or distressing periods in their lives – whether at home…
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Dealing with Isolation

Hunterlink’s Dealing with Isolation training workshop is ideal for workers facing new Working From Home arrangements in light of COVID-19 as well as for new workers going into a Fly-In-Fly-Out…
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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

Hunterlink provides Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training so that all employees understand their responsibilities and obligations when it comes to the risk of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Whether…
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Effective Communication in the Workplace

Hunterlink’s Effective Communication in the Workplace training will help employees and staff develop constructive and cooperative communications skillsets to improve the culture and productivity of your workplace. The course is…
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Mental Health Awareness

Why is Mental Health Awareness important? Mental health issues arise at home and in the workplace, but with early intervention and awareness they can be treated without stigma or judgment.…
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Hunterlink’s Resilience Training provides staff with an introduction to concepts of resilience development, agility in the face of change, and skills and techniques to better cope with adversity and setbacks…
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Stress Management

How can a Stress Management Program help? The pressures and demands of life at work and at home can add up, so it is important to understand that workplace stress…
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