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Hunterlink delivers an International Maritime EAP model that is providing mental wellness support to International Seafarers from around the globe. Hunterlink is recognised as a leader in the field of mental health support for the maritime workforce.


Hunterlink is working in a social partnership with the International Transport Federations, with the funding from the ITF Seafarers Trust to provide an early intervention model, to best support international seafarers and their mental health whilst visiting Australian waters and remote locations.


As this program has become more established over the past few years, Hunterlink is building infrastructure to support the seafarers once they return to their home to provide ongoing mental health care and programs.  Hunterlink’s strategy is to establish an International EAP model in developing countries who do not have access to mental health resources.  Aside from the growing demand our programs are developed from Hunterlink’s aligned value to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006


Standard A4.1 – Medical care on board ship and ashore


  1. Each Member shall ensure that measures providing for health protection and medical care, including essential dental care, for seafarers working on board a ship that flies its flag are adopted which:


(a) ensure the application to seafarers of any general provisions on occupational health protection and medical care relevant to their duties, as well as of special provisions specific to work on board ship

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