Critical Incident Response

Responding appropriately to a critical incident in the workplace is essential for the health, wellbeing and resilience of your staff and can greatly affect the time it takes for your business to return to normal after a traumatic or distressing incident.

Hunterlink can develop return-to-work plans to help managers get the business back up and running, assist and support staff to return to the workplace, and put in place medium-to-long-term support structures to build lasting resilience within your team.

We provide a Same Day response for Critical Incidents in your workplace to help your staff safely return to work.

Hunterlink has the experience and the skill to support your staff after a Critical Incident, such as a:

  • Workplace injury or death;
  • Suicide or attempted suicide;
  • Armed robbery;
  • Assault or violence in the workplace; or
  • Serious near-miss or major safety incident.

Our response plans will get your business back to work and improve the working relationship between management and your employees in the immediate aftermath of a Critical Incident.

We continue to stay in touch with affected workers after a Critical Incident has passed and continue providing proactive support because we know the risks and impacts of delayed Post Traumatic Stress. This helps employees return and stay at work and ensures a return to productivity for employers.

Our Critical Incident Response Services include:

  • An immediate, prompt and thorough response and action plan
  • 24/7 counselling and support for affected workers
  • Professional support for workers involved in a serious incident
  • Individual or group support, as required
  • Management support and coaching immediately after the incident and following the initial intervention plan
  • Proactive care and support for employees to assist them in returning to work.
  • Comprehensive critical incident reporting for your business’ management team.

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