Stress Management

How can a Stress Management Program help?

The pressures and demands of life at work and at home can add up, so it is important to understand that workplace stress can arise from personal OR professional sources. Hunterlink provides Stress Management Programs to support employees, managers and business owners with the tools and resources to manage stress in the workplace, wherever it arises.

Our Stress Management Programs focus on developing skills and techniques for employees to improve their resilience, respond to stressful incidents safely and appropriately, and support one another in the workplace over the long term. We also provide employees with practical advice and strategies to cope with the changing demands of everyday life.

For Team Leaders and Managers, we offer a specialised program to support them with the sometimes stressful responsibility of managing their colleagues. We assist Team Leaders and supervisors to find effective ways to manage their own stress levels so they can sustain team morale, retain confidence in their leadership and continue delivering high performance and productivity from their team.

Stress Management Program Format

Hunterlink’s Stress Management program is made up of 2 modules, covering stress management from an individual and a leadership perspective. Each module is delivered in a half day session, giving you the choice of holding both on a single day or delivering them to your team on separate days.

Stress Management modules

Module 1: Stress Management (Self) Module 2: Stress Management (Leadership)

Stress Management (Self) is suitable for all staff, focusing on how to recognise and manage stress in yourself as an individual. Stress Management (Leadership) provides guidance on managing the unique pressures of being a leader and detailing strategies to make it work.

What you’ll learn

Stress Management – Self

Stress occurs when too many demands are placed on us, or when the resources we have to cope with stress can’t deal with these demands.  It’s important to find ways to effectively deal with stress in our personal and work life to avoid the associated physical and emotional problems that can arise.  This module will cover effective strategies to manage stress to combat the physical symptoms, deal with life events, manage internal demands, cope with environmental factors and look after yourself.

Stress Management – Leadership

When leaders can’t manage stress or maintain a positive attitude, this can have a negative impact in the workplace. Their employees are more likely to see those leaders as harmful or irrelevant to employee and organisational performance. Their employees are also less likely to see their teams as effective, be highly engaged, and recommend working for the leader and the organisation to others.

Managing stress in a leadership role requires new approaches to dealing with work, people and stress.  Supporting your leaders and managers through Hunterlink’s Stress Management program can make a positive difference for your organisation. Our training helps leaders prioritise, share responsibility and set boundaries, increasing motivation, performance and productivity for the workplace and the organisation as a whole.

Benefits of the Program

At Hunterlink, all our training programs are tailored to suit your specific workplace needs, ensuring the best possible return on investment for your business. Our quality Stress Management programs deliver a range of benefits for both individuals and organisations alike.

Individuals Organisations
Learn new skills to help you in the workplace. Strengthens staff learning and development.
Develop strategies to improve your ability to manage stress. Increases employee motivation, morale and productivity.
Take advantage of learning new skills that can be used outside the workplace. Complements learning and development programs, creating a learning environment.
Build networks, connections and relationships with colleagues across your organisation. Provides a forum for conversation, improving networks & communication across the organisation.
Gain the skills you need to operate effectively in the modern workplace, as an employee or leader. Position your workforce so they have the capacity to address the challenges of today’s work environment.
Fit training into your day, without the need for travel. Offer a cost-effective learning opportunity to an unlimited number of participants without the need for travel.

Get Started

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