Effective Communication in the Workplace

Hunterlink’s Effective Communication in the Workplace training will help employees and staff develop constructive and cooperative communications skillsets to improve the culture and productivity of your workplace.

The course is designed to teach skills, techniques and strategies which foster positive and meaningful workplace engagement amongst staff and between employees and management.

Hunterlink’s Effective Communication in the Workplace training covers:

  • Improving Team Cohesion
  • Key Principles of Effective Communication
  • Impact of Verbal and Non-Verbal communication
  • Dealing with challenging conversations and understanding your interpersonal or conflict styles
  • Privacy and respect for all in workplace communication
  • Dealing with Bullying and Harassment in the workplace
  • Practical skills for taking responsibility for better communication

Workshops are fully interactive and use Emotional Intelligence techniques. Participants will receive relevant resources and material to take away.

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