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Our Stakeholders

EAP Partners

Hunterlink has a vast and established portfolio of Partners who we provide our Employee Assistance services to.  Each partner has customised services based on their needs and the needs of their employees and families.  We are proud to work within the full range of industry and business sectors that we currently aide in promoting mental health and wellness.


As a Not for Profit organisation, Hunterlink must provide its unique business and service model in the most economic and sustainable way possible.  This wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and support we received from our sponsors, who enable us to carry on providing the high level of service we do.

Network Partners

At Hunterlink we are proud to promote other services and businesses that enhance our organisation and assistance in the customised service provision we offer with the work they do.  Our priority is to improve the health and wellbeing and in doing so we have become affiliated with our current Network Partners and the many more we hope to gain in providing the best EAP services nationally and internationally.