Our Stakeholders

EAP Partners

Hunterlink has a broad and well-established portfolio of partners we provide Employee Assistance services to. We provide each of our partners with customised services based on the needs of their business, their employees and their families.

We are proud to work with such a broad and diverse range of businesses and industries and to promote good mental health and wellbeing to workers across the country.

The breadth and diversity of our experience is what puts us in the best possible position to provide effective, proactive and relevant assistance to workers anywhere in Australia.


As a Not-for-Profit organisation, Hunterlink provides its unique Employee Assistance model in the most economically sustainable way possible. This wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and support we receive from our sponsors, who enable us to provide high level of personalised care and support to all of our clients and their staff.

Network Partners

Hunterlink is proud to work alongside a number of innovative local businesses and service providers to deliver our EAP and worker support services from our head office in Newcastle to customers across Australia and around the globe.

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