Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Hunterlink’s Dealing with Anxiety and Stress workshop provides employees with the tools and resources to support themselves through difficult, taxing or distressing periods in their lives – whether at home or at work – and bounce back from those situations to remain productive and healthy.

Anxiety and stress are a natural part of everyday life, and something everyone must deal with. However, if they are not managed effectively, the toll on your mental health and wellbeing can be debilitating.

Our workshop focuses on developing the skills to continue performing well in a changing world. We guide participants through the unique stress factors of the workplace, highlighting how these may affect them as individuals and their colleagues as a group.

Hunterlink’s Dealing with Anxiety and Stress workshop covers:

  • What is anxiety, what is stress?
  • Understanding physiology
  • Learning about helpful versus unhelpful levels of stress
  • Differentiating between helpful and unhelpful forms of anxiety
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Lifestyle changes to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Coping mechanisms for major events at work
  • Self-care, self-compassion and mindfulness strategies

Through the prism of isolated working, we discuss:

  • Mental Health issues, including stress, anxiety and depression
  • The challenge of periods of separation, isolation and loneliness
  • Unhealthy lifestyles
  • Substance and alcohol abuse
  • Financial overcommitment
  • Relationship and family stresses

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