Lunch & Learn

Hunterlink’s popular Lunch and Learn program has been designed to deliver workplace wellbeing training in an engaging and accessible way. These short, informative learning modules are run in-house at your preferred location, giving your staff the chance to learn while they lunch.

Our innovative program provides your organisation the opportunity to receive targeted, cost-effective and convenient training. With the aim to inform and engage staff at all levels of your organisation, Lunch and Learn sessions are suitable for every member of your team.

Lunch and Learn Modules

The Lunch and Learn program is a series of 12 modules, covering a range of workplace wellbeing topics, each delivered in a single 90 minute session.

Change in the Workplace Bullying and Harassment EAP in the Workplace Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Mindfulness Goal Setting Work/Life Balance Wellbeing First Aid
Suicide Prevention Communication Drug and Alcohol Conflict Resolution

The training program is flexible, giving you the choice of accessing just one module or a group of modules, depending on the needs of your organisation. You can also enjoy a discounted rate when you sign up for the complete Lunch and Learn program, with a module delivered each month, over a 12 month period.

What you’ll learn

The Lunch and Learn program covers a range of workplace wellbeing and emotional intelligence topics. Ranging from dealing with change in the workplace, through to communication and conflict resolution, each topic in the Lunch and Learn series is designed to address common workplace issues.

Your staff will come away with more information, understanding and awareness at the end of each session. More importantly, they will also learn strategies that will help them better relate to others, understand their own needs and find ways to manage their own wellbeing.

Your organisation will also benefit from these sessions, with positive flow on effects for organisational productivity, attendance, performance, culture and wellbeing.

Benefits for Employers and Staff

Staff Employers
Learn new skills to help you in the workplace. Strengthens staff learning and development.
Develop strategies to improve your wellbeing and performance. Increases employee motivation, morale and productivity.
Take advantage of learning new skills that can be used outside the workplace. Complements learning and development programs, creating a learning environment.
Build networks, connections and relationships with colleagues across your organisation. Provides a forum for conversation, improving networks & communication across the organisation.
Gain the skills you need to operate effectively in the modern workplace, as an employee or leader. Positions your workforce so they have the capacity to address the challenges of today’s work environment.
Fit training into your day (without having to travel) by combining lunch with learning. Offers a cost-effective learning opportunity to an unlimited number of participants without the need for travel.
Commit to regular training, scheduled at lunch time, to make the most of your time and resources. Spreads training throughout the year at regular intervals to maximise attendance and engagement.

Get Started

Talk to us about our Lunch and Learn program and how our training can help improve staff and workplace wellbeing in your organisation.

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