Code of Ethics

Professional Competency

Clinical Services

Clinical services will be delivered by professionals with the appropriate qualifications and experience. Hunterlink’s counsellors have a minimum of two (2) years supervised experience in their field or a closely related field. Hunterlink counsellors are Professional members of the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA. All Hunterlink counsellors are credentialed by the EAPA as Certified Employee Assistance Professionals (CEAP).

Hunterlink as an organisation is a member of the Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australasia (Inc). Membership requires Hunterlink to have a designated Psychologist or Social Worker who will overview the professional activities of its employees, contractors and consultants. All counsellors are Psychologists, Social Workers or similarly approved Professionals. All employees undergo continuous professional and personal development relevant to their profession. For any client, whose issues are outside of Hunterlink’s competence, Hunterlink will seek appropriate professional consultation.

Contract Management and Other Services

Other services provided by Hunterlink associated with Employee Assistance Programs such as contract management, manager and supervisor support will have an appropriate level of knowledge and experience in the relevant area.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Clinical Services

Hunterlink and its employees ensures that all client information including, but not limited to, case records (written, electronic or otherwise) and attendance to counselling sessions will be protected in a confidential, secure and professional manner in accordance with the appropriate legislation.

The exceptions to this are:

  • Consent by the client;
  • Risk to safety of the client or others;
  • Statutory obligations (for example mandatory reporting);
  • Court order or subpoena

Hunterlink will adhere to the provisions of the Privacy Laws of the nation or State/Province in which it operates and will adopt the below Privacy Acts as its benchmark standard;

  • the Privacy Act 1988 Cth (as amended) and the National Privacy Principles (‘NPP’s) and
  • the Privacy Act 1993 NZ (as amended) and the Privacy Principles, will be adhered to in relation to all client information. All client information will be stored, transmitted and transported in a secure manner. The use of client information for research purposes will be conducted in accordance with appropriate ethical standards and guidelines.

If Hunterlink is required to release information for any reason the client will be notified in advance.

Contract Management and Other Services

Hunterlink and its employees will respect confidential contract and business matters which relate to client organisations and will not disclose such information without the client organisation’s prior consent.

Appropriate confidentiality will be maintained in accordance with accepted practice within the particular service area.

Equal Opportunitys and Human Rights

Hunterlink maintains a non-discriminatory standard and will provide equal treatment towards any person or group of persons based on age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. Equal Opportunity and Human Rights law in relation to the employment and management of staff, and the provision of services to clients are compliant with current law.


Hunterlink will make full disclosure of its business model, ownership and affiliates as required.

Conduct of Research

Hunterlink engages in areas of research within the EAP field and whilst doing so ensures

  • Ethical protocols and conventions associated with the research will be observed.
  • Research is conducted by appropriately qualified practitioners or other professionals as required per the scope of the research.
  • Research participants will not receive preferential treatment.
  • If participants are required to conduct research, Hunterlink will take all reasonable steps to ensure confidentiality and privacy at all times.
  • All data will be stored securely.

EAP Services

Hunterlink and its employees will offer services to individual clients only within their area of specific competency. Should it be recognised that the client requires additional support or services outside the limits of the assigned counsellor, consultation, supervision or referral to another professional will be sought. Per Clause 1 of this Code of Ethics. All of Hunterlink’s preferred outsourced providers are required to maintain a Code of Ethics identical to Hunterlink’s.


Hunterlink may require to refer clients to other services or counsellors, in this case we shall ensure clients are referred to suitably qualified persons. A record of our preferred suppliers is maintained internally.

Hunterlink and its employees will not subject its clients, partners, Board Members or other person whom they meet through the course of the work for Hunterlink to any type of public or personal adverse comments. This includes but is not limited to verbal or written.

Hunterlink will endeavour to ensure its advertising and marketing practices are not misleading and aim to ensure all material is accurate and truthful to the best of knowledge and ability.

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