Hunterlink Global EAP

This is a service for all seafarers in every Australian port around this country. It does not matter from which country you are from or what kind of ship

When in port, give us a call. If you are anxious, lonely or troubled in any way you can contact us for help or to simply connect someone else away from the ship. If you suffer from depression, thoughts of suicide or think you have an addiction we can offer immediate assistance on our 24-hour helpline, if you have a mental health concern you can text, email or call us for advice and help.

All communications with Hunterlink are treated in strict confidence and all callers can be assured that no information will be shared with other crew, your employer, the manning or shipping agent or the captain.

Seafarers emotional and physiological wellbeing is our prime objective and we invite all seafarers from all nations and every department to use this free service when you need someone to speak to regarding your mental wellness and lifestyle balance.

Free Call 1800 554 654

Seafarer Helpline (WhatsApp) +61 439382204

Email – enquiry@hunterlink.org.au

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