Who benefits from Workplace Wellbeing?

Organisations benefit from increased productivity, less absenteeism, greater innovation, reduced compensation costs and improved organisational culture. An effective and well supported workplace wellbeing program can also set your organisation apart from your competitors, positioning you as an employer of choice.

The short answer is everyone. Workers, organisations and the community all benefit from workplace wellbeing. Employees benefit from greater support and improved mental, emotional, social and physical health. The community benefits from the flow on effects of increased confidence, happiness and wellbeing, as employee health and wellbeing improves.

Workplace wellbeing benefits for employees

Employees gain multiple benefits from workplace wellbeing. The implementation of a workplace wellbeing program demonstrates to employees that their needs are recognised and valued, increasing goodwill and collaboration. A supportive work environment develops confidence, increases productivity, improves engagement and encourages innovation.

Workplace wellbeing can also help employees deal with challenges and change, providing strategies to minimise stress and manage mental health. It can lessen workplace accidents, limit sick leave, reduce conflict and create a more supportive organisational culture for all. When workplace wellbeing is supported, employees feel more secure, valued and committed to their work and to their organisation.

Workplace wellbeing benefits for organisations

Organisations benefit in many ways from workplace wellbeing. There are obvious cost savings in reducing sick leave, compensation expenses and organisational overheads. Prioritising health and wellbeing in the workforce also helps increase staff productivity, reduce accidents & incidents and limits absenteeism & presenteeism.

Addressing employee needs through a robust workplace wellbeing program increases staff engagement and retention, and positions your organisation as an employer of choice. Preventative initiatives can also assist in getting employees back to work sooner following a health incident, delivering further savings and benefits to the organisation over time.

Workplace wellbeing benefits for the community

We are all part of a larger community. Effective workplace wellbeing programs can have flow on effects beyond the employee and organisation. A greater focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace increases awareness and understanding of these issues in the community too. This leads to higher participation levels and increased support for wellbeing initiatives.

Many of us spend most of our waking hours in the workplace and the lines between personal and professional life are becoming more blurred. Concentrating on mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing in the workplace gives employees tools to use at home and in their communities, leading to positive outcomes beyond the workplace.

How can you benefit from Workplace Wellbeing?

Hunterlink can help deliver these benefits to your organisation by working with you to develop an effective, tailor-made workplace wellbeing program. Our initiatives, such as early intervention programs, psychological & behavioural counselling, along with individual and organisational coaching, are designed to improve wellbeing in your staff and throughout your organisation.

Let our experienced team help you improve the wellbeing and performance of your organisation and realise the many benefits of workforce wellbeing for yourself.

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