Shaping Organisational Culture

The workplace of 25 years ago seems like a lifetime ago. Back in the mid 90s, technology was in its infancy and the internet was just starting to gain traction. Full time employment and securing a job for life was the norm. Most people retired before 60, working from home was not  an option and achieving work/life balance was not yet a buzzword.

Fast forward to 2022 and you can start to appreciate the magnitude of the transformation in organisational culture in such a short space of time. Part time and casual employment is growing. Technology has changed how we work, communicate and interact. Flexibility and outsourcing is now the norm and 70 is the new 60 when it comes to retirement.

This transformation has been driven by the increasing role of technology, the evolution of community expectations and the weight of societal influence on the workplace. The pace of change is not showing any signs of slowing either, presenting challenges for organisations and employees alike.

To meet the growing pace of change, it’s vital that organisations understand the evolving nature of their workforce and take steps to create a more engaged and productive workplace. There are several ways your organisation can take advantage of the changing nature of the workforce, to not only benefit your bottom line, but also to benefit the lives of your workforce.

How to Shape Your Organisational Culture in 2022

Understand the Metrics

Exploring workforce metrics is the obvious place to start when assessing the current culture in your organisation. Metrics such as staff attrition, unplanned leave, internal transfers, EAP referrals and staff take up of wellbeing activities can point to trends in employee satisfaction.  Identifying the demographics of your workforce can help you understand the motivations of your staff and anticipate future trends. These metrics can provide a baseline for the current state of organisational culture and help identify where you should concentrate your efforts first.

Share the Vision

Employee motivation and performance increases when they know where the organisation is headed and can see how they contribute. With so many people working flexible hours,operating from home and feeling a lack of connection in the modern workplace, it’s important to share the big picture vision and lead your workforce towards the future. Work with staff to set goals along the way and regularly communicate organisational  progress to keep motivation high. Sharing the vision can be a powerful tool in building a healthy organisational culture.

Invest in Training

Investing in your workforce through training provides several benefits to your organisation. First, your staff gain valuable skills and knowledge. Second, your staff feel valued and gain personal satisfaction from learning new skills. Third, your organisation benefits from this increase in knowledge and workplace satisfaction. Fourth, your workplace culture improves from the flow of new ideas, particularly if you welcome greater employee engagement. Shape a healthy organisational culture by investing in quality training in 2022

Create Connections

The changing nature of the modern workforce is most clearly highlighted in the sense of isolation and disconnect felt by many employees. Flexible working arrangements have made life easier and more convenient, but they’ve come at the cost of traditional human connections. Make it a priority to create connections amongst your workforce. Take advantage of technology, apps and tools to facilitate effective communication, regardless of location. Bring teams together to build relationships, foster social connections and deal with conflict. Lead by example, create connections and build a healthy organisational culture.

Engage an EAP

One of the most effective ways to shape organisational culture in 2022 is to engage an Employer Assistance Provider (EAP). EAPs work with organisations to improve and maintain the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of their workforce. EAPs can deliver training, present information sessions, develop workplace wellbeing programs and provide counselling and psychological services. Providers also work with you to create customised programs to improve health & wellbeing, productivity, engagement, motivation and more. If you’re serious about shaping organisational culture, engage an EAP as your first step forward.

Hunterlink is experienced in helping businesses shape their organisational culture.Talk to us about our accredited training & workshops, our EAP services and how we could put you on the right track in 2022.

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