RU OK? Day is Everyday at Hunterlink

Thursday 8th of September is R U OK Day, a national day of action when we remind Australians that everyday is a day to ask “are you ok?” If you’ve noticed a change in a mate or colleague, no matter how small, trust your gut and ask R U OK? Asking isn’t always easy, but it could change, or even save a life. If someone isn’t ok, Hunterlink is here for them 24/7 with our free confidential helpline.

How to ask someone if they are ok:

1. Ask are you okay

Help them open up by asking questions like “How are you going?” or “What’s happening?”. Try mentioning specific things that have made you concerned like “You seem less chatty than usual. How are you going?”

2. Listen with an open mind

Take what they say seriously and don’t interrupt or rush the conversation. If they need time to think, sit patiently with the silence. You can show you’ve listened by repeating back what you’ve heard in your own words and ask if you have understood them properly.

3. Encourage action

Ask: “What have you done in the past to manage similar situations?”. You could say: “When I was going through a difficult time, I tried this… You might find it useful too.” If they’ve been feeling really down for more than 2 weeks, encourage them to see a health professional. You could tell them to call our 24/7 counselling line to speak confidentially to one of our qualified counsellors. If you are worried they may be suicidal, contact Lifeline (13 11 14), or 000 if life is in danger.

4. Check in

Stay in touch and be there for them. Genuine care and concern can make a real difference. You could say: “I’ve been thinking of you and wanted to know how you’ve been going since we last chatted.”

The R U OK Day website is full of fantastic resources that can guide you through the process of asking your mates and colleagues that tough question. There are targeted resources for tradies, rail workers and motor trade workers, as well as for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and more.


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