International Women’s Day 2023 – Embrace Equity

International Women’s Day is devoted to celebrating the achievements of women, while also fighting for gender equality, across the globe. The aim is to honour the impact of women worldwide and encourages people to challenge gender stereotypes, discrimination, and oppression.

Hunterlink supports the initiative of International Women’s Day fully.  We are committed to helping organisations commit to a more gender equitable workplace and society.  It starts with the same opportunities for men and women and zero tolerance for gender discrimination, but it goes further than that.  Gender equity is about acknowledging that certain advantages and barriers do exist.  Improving equity is about redressing that imbalance.

We recognise from issues coming through from the clients of Hunterlink that change is just not moving fast enough.  We have seen over the past year an increase in discrimination, bullying and harassment and communication issues within the workplace resulting in difficulties with company culture.

None of our organisations are immune to the negative fallout of gender discrimination and it has become its own problem where women working in all of the industries we support are bravely sharing stories of harassment and discrimination in the workplaces in all roles.

We are committed to creating heightened awareness of this so there is motivation in workplaces to create organisations that support and advance all employees.

Many women in the workforce are sharing their unique experiences and perspectives and gaining support which is valuable for us to have that knowledge and important in shaping an inclusive space for people now and in the future in making positive changes.

We overwhelmingly hear from women needing more women-friendly and flexible work environments and development of leave policies that support all parents equally.

With enough women and men onboard to fight for gender equality we can find courage in each other and collectively spur a greater change and it has been recognised by us that a women’s support network or communities is helpful as well as having a mentor.

The Introduction of Hunterlink as an Employee Assistant Program within companies is seen to change a lot in ways of working together for the better.  We are able to highlight in our confidential reports to companies what issues we see coming through in terms of gender inequality and the problems that come from this in terms of bullying and harassment, discrimination, lack of inclusion and offer up appropriate training to equip all employees with the tools in navigating this successfully and for positive change towards equity within the workplace.

Hunterlink are regularly out onsite with our companies doing training in the areas of inclusion and diversity and helping out with getting company culture on the right track.  This is of utmost importance to us to support the mental health of all and embrace equity.  Being able to do this with all employees has been found to change the working environment for the positive and everyone reports that it helps with empowering each other.

The workplaces we provide mental health support for encompass employees from differing genders, backgrounds and life experiences.  We highlight proactivity in reaching out for support, not waiting for crisis point and encourage inclusion of all by guidance in what to expect when you do engage.

There is never any judgement from Hunterlink as to what issues are arising and we pride ourselves on the confidential nature of our program.  By normalising the unique issues that can arise with each industry we support and the challenges that can come up in terms of diversity and equity definitely sees employees open up their mind as to how to handle certain situations.

Addressing diversity, inclusion and managing unconscious bias and assumptions, effective communication in the workplace, company culture and teamwork as well as the mental health contributors to behaviours allows Hunterlink as a support for your organization to proactively equip employees in being the best in terms of gender equity and knowing how to support everyone as an individual within their workplace.

We recognise that culture provides resilience in the tough times and that every employee plays a part in the process of maintaining a good company culture in terms of being inclusive of all and heading towards equity if the aim.  We facilitate equity in providing avenues of gaining or remaining resilient which is the ability to be successful both personally and professionally in the midst of your high-pressured, fast-paced and continuously changing working environment regardless of gender and being inclusive to all.  Hunterlinks inclusion component provides employees with tools to apply knowledge learnt via training to promote diversity and help with a more inclusive range of diverse employees thus leading to a more effective organization and a fairer, more inclusive society.

International Women’s Day matters to Hunterlink as from everything we see day in day out we are not where we want to be yet.  Things are definitely changing and our companies are seen to be onboard with supporting this and we have come a long way.

We need to keep talking about this as its seen that all of our steps forward also have a step back and once laws and rights are established they need to not be ignored.

Here are some tips that we encourage and get involved in

  • Read good news about women

I know personally when I go to read about the news it is usually bad so lets focus on some of the good news stories and open up our minds to read good news about women.

  • Take Action

Maybe donating to organisations that support women.  Any amount if meaningful and if we all work together we can create more future success

  • Shop from women-owned and women-led businesses

These business have been found to often be at the forefront of ethical consumption, so caring about thoughtful, sustainable and ethical businesses will help bridge the gender gap in business

Help improve women’s mental health

‍Hunterlink encourage removal of the stigma in reaching out for support mental and encourage proactivity and getting in their early

Attend an International Women’s Day event.

‍Hunterlink are proud to always be involved yearly in International Women’s Day events and look forward to speaking and helping to guide things in a positive way.

Have a dance party to an all-woman playlist.

If you don’t listen to “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyonce at least once this month, you may need to reevaluate your celebrations. Lucky for you, nearly every women’s empowerment playlist includes this song.

Have a women filmmakers movie marathon.

Grab the snacks, snuggle up with a blanket, and stream or rent some movies made by women filmmakers.  My go to is definitely Wonder Women, Lady Bird or Little Women.‍

Turn your good intentions into real change.

Always remember that your actions must go beyond a single day of the year.

If you want to ensure that your good intentions are actually making a difference lets not making this a one day thing but all year round everyday.

Highlight International Women’s Day in your company newsletter.

‍It is a good reminder to be able to read about your commitment as a company and put this out to all employees.

On Social Media

Follow & amplify the voices of diverse women creators outside of your bubble.

International Women’s Day provides a unique opportunity to find more diverse women creators to add to your feed.

Follow new creators, and make sure you introduce your network to new voices, too! Be sure to share, comment, and support all the new people you follow.‍

Help end the cycle of gender-based harassment online.

Life online does have its share of unpleasant interactions, but women and girls are often the most at risk for cyberbullying. Being aware and steering clear of

specifically gendered abuse targeted at women and girls online. It incorporates sexism, racism, religious prejudice, homophobia, and transphobia. And it must be stopped.

As a supporter of International Women’s Day we see that women are still suffering in the domestic violence realm, sexual assault and violence.  We are behind this chance on International Women’s Day to remind governments, businesses and everyone else that achieving human rights for all is of utmost importance.

On International Women’s Day we remember that as long as one woman faces discrimination, harassment, inequality or oppression we all do and we are here to remind you that Hunterlink is here to support and you are not alone.

We will never get tired of fighting this fight with  you and recognise that it can be overwhelming for all with personal experience and the feeling of not getting any closer to gender equality and we are putting this message out to re-inspire, re-energise and remind you all that we are all in this together, all facing and heading towards winning the same battles.

Please don’t hesitate to give Hunterlink a call anytime 24/7 and speak with one of our qualified registered counsellor for support on 1800554654.

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