Employee Assistance Provider

At Hunterlink, we know that worker health and wellbeing is the key to a safe, cooperative and productive workplace.

As an Employee Assistance Provider (EAP), we don’t just react to a crisis, we provide proactive, ongoing support services to workers across Australia and the world. We support your staff and their managers to ensure your business is a safe, productive and cooperative workplace.

Hunterlink Employee Assistance provider

Hunterlink EAP assists with the resolution of personal and professional issues such as workplace trauma, interpersonal disputes, stress, addiction, anxiety, depression or grief.

We also equip your managers with resources, material and training to help them become more effective HR practitioners, in turn improving your business and getting the most out of your employees.

Our background is in the maritime and shipping industry, but we have evolved to provide direct assistance and proactive support to more than 100,000 workers in industries as diverse as mining, electrical, manufacturing, hospitality, retail and community services.

We understand that throughout all of these industries, the one thing which remains consistent is the importance of healthy and supportive workplaces both for workers’ wellbeing and the efficient running of a successful business.

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