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It’s important to regularly evaluate the capability of your organisation to improve efficiency, productivity, culture and engagement. Hunterlink’s organisational consultancy services offers solutions to improve your business and position you as an employer of choice.

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What is organisational consultancy?

Organisational consultancy is a broad field focusing on the culture, design, structure, policies and practices of an organisation. The aim of organisational consultancy is to identify ways to optimise the running of your organisation and get the best out of your staff. Organisational consultancy covers design, leadership, workplace wellbeing, training and more. At Hunterlink, we recognise the pivotal role of employee wellbeing in successful organisations and make this a key focus area when embarking on organisation design.

Organisational design

Partnering with you, we take a deep dive into the structure of your organisation to identify areas for improvement. As part of the organisational design process, our experienced consultants work with you to identify issues, develop solutions and formulate organisational goals. Our aim is to help you create high performing teams and support your staff by improving culture, policies and procedures.

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We assist you in developing leaders for now and for the future. It’s important to align leadership development with succession planning, talent identification and your organisational goals. We offer advice and consultancy to support today’s leaders through personal and professional development and work with you to develop a pathway to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

Workplace wellbeing & WHS audits

Your organisation is only as healthy as those individuals working in it. This is why workplace wellbeing and WHS audits are a vital tool in organisational consultancy. Our experienced consultants can assess the work environment and identify risks to employee and organisational wellbeing. Audits are often undertaken in response to conflict or increasing labour costs, however they are best utilised before issues arise, so you can avoid conflict and steer your organisation to success.

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Workplace training

Workplace training is the key to every successful organisation. Effective training contributes to improved KPI’s, increased staff retention, higher profit margins, more efficient use of organisational resources and increased staff engagement and satisfaction. Hunterlink offers comprehensive, industry leading training, tailored to your needs. Our high quality courses target areas such as emotional intelligence, managing performance, workplace mediation, mental health, communication and interpersonal relations.


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Organisational consultancy will help you make positive change, build more productive teams and support your employees to better manage interpersonal dynamics in the workplace.  Benefits of effective organisational consultancy include:


  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved staff retention
  • Reduced compensation costs
  • Better staff alignment
  • Enhanced leadership capability
  • Positive organisation culture
  • More engaged and satisfied employees

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