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A specialist mining industry EAP, Hunterlink provides targeted and high quality early intervention, when your organisation needs it. Drawing on our years of experience working across all sectors of the mining industry, Hunterlink can customise our EAP services to meet your needs. You can trust Hunterlink to deliver mining industry specific EAP services that will benefit your entire organisation.

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The Mining Industry in Australia

Following the mining boom, and the lull that followed, recovery is finally on the horizon for the mining industry. With mines expected to open and expand across the country, the numbers of FIFO workers are set to rise. The unique nature of this role, with the pressure of extended periods away from home and family, presents a huge challenge to mining operators looking to maintain employee wellbeing and develop a healthy workplace culture.

Mining operators can get a head start by taking advantage of Hunterlink’s experience in supporting FIFO workers in the mining industry. A specialist mining industry EAP, Hunterlink understands the unique needs of the sector and is well positioned to help your organisation and your workers develop and maintain a healthy, productive and supportive workplace. Position your organisation as an employer of choice by partnering with a specialist mining industry EAP.

The Benefits of Engaging a Specialist Mining Industry EAP

Engaging a specialist mining industry EAP provides many benefits to your organisation and your employees:

  • Reduction in workers’ compensation and psychiatric claims
  • Reduction in absenteeism, fatigue and accidents
  • Improved engagement, productivity and workplace wellbeing culture.
  • Advice and assistance truly relevant to your industry
  • Access to a nationwide network of specialists, who “get” what you do
  • Training & workshops tailored to the needs of your industry

A specialist mining industry EAP, Hunterlink has worked with organisations and workers in the mining industry since 2011. Focusing on workplace wellbeing and developing a healthy organisational culture, Hunterlink has the knowledge, experience and expertise to position your organisation as a mining operator of choice into the future.

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Mining Machinery - EAP to the Mining Industry

What makes Hunterlink unique?

We understand the mining industry and take the time to understand your organisation, identify pressure points and work with you to improve workplace culture and wellbeing, to benefit all. With the support of industry sponsors and our extensive partner network, Hunterlink provides services to organisations and employees across Australia, even to the most remote locations, allowing time-critical response to major incidents.

Hunterlink’s aim is to break down barriers to assistance by moving away from the “capped sessions” EAP model so employees can access the help and support they need, when they need it, and for as long as they need it. We believe immediate access to mental health services is a basic human right and should be available to all. Which is why, we’re here for your workers and your organisation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why Hunterlink is a Different Type of EAP

Apart from our unique take on what success means to us, there are other reasons why Hunterlink is a different type of EAP.

We focus on early intervention and prevention

We offer a range of early intervention programs and initiatives to identify, address and prevent workplace wellbeing issues before they become serious. For instance, our Toolbox Talks give your teams the practical tools and resources to improve both themselves and their environment.

Our focus on specific industries sets us apart

While we operate across 20 industries, we only work with organisations within industries we intimately know and understand. This way, we provide you with specialised knowledge and expertise, to increase the chances of a positive return on your investment.

We don’t cap our sessions - ever

Because we are here to help your employees and your organisation, we don’t cap the number of sessions or phone calls we offer – ever. We believe in being here for you and your staff, for however long you need us and our unique business model reflects this commitment.

We’re not for profit

Seriously – we’re not in it for the money. Operating with funding from peak industry groups, we are here to help. We don’t have shareholders and we don’t seek to make millions. All we want is to make a positive difference to our partner organisations and their employees. Corny but true.

We’ll help you, wherever you are

Whether you’re a local company in Newcastle, or a business with workers in remote parts of Australia or around the globe, we can help. With a growing network of partners, we can deliver the advice and support you and your workers need, when and where you need it.

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