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The key to workplace wellbeing lies in effective early intervention. An Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) can help you and your staff address personal & professional issues before they affect work performance and the wider work environment.


What is an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) is trained in delivering workplace intervention programs designed to maintain and improve the emotional, mental and psychological wellbeing of staff.  EAPs take a proactive and preventative approach, addressing individual issues while also working with organisations to improve overall employee wellbeing. EAPs assist in the resolution of a range of personal and professional issues such as trauma, relationship breakdown, stress, addiction, anxiety, financial strain, depression, sexuality, grief, interpersonal conflict and more.

What does an EAP do?

An EAP provides confidential counselling to employees, assisting them to manage challenges before they impact on home life and work performance. As an example, Hunterlink provides access to trained counsellors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting your employees, whenever they need us. EAPs maintain strict confidentiality and report discreet but detailed data back to your organisation, to ensure employee privacy. The aim of EAP is to improve employee wellbeing while building a positive workplace culture in your organisation.

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National EAP Services

Hunterlink provides a comprehensive national EAP service, leading the way in improving employee wellbeing through early intervention and innovative counselling solutions. We are specialists in servicing remotes areas and our national EAP services are designed to reach people in need, regardless of location or industry, safeguarding the wellbeing of employees across the country. Our national footprint means we are proud to offer a long-term service to support your organisation, customised to suit the unique needs of your industry. Our services concentrate on addressing current needs while also supporting organisations to create a positive workplace for the future.

Global EAP Services

Hunterlink is recognised as a leader in the field of mental health support for the maritime workforce. In a social partnership with the International Transport Federations (with funding from the ITF Seafarers Trust), Hunterlink has developed a model  to better support the mental health of international seafarers. We currently provide maritime EAP services to all international ships in every port around Australia and our global EAP services model delivers mental wellness support to international seafarers from around the globe.

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Specialised EAP Services

Sometimes, more specialised EAP services need to be delivered to achieve a positive outcome for your organisation. That’s why Hunterlink provides a specialised EAP services model, delivering targeted, high quality, early intervention. Our specialised EAP services are flexible and adaptable to the needs of your staff and your organisation. We can customise our EAP services in the following ways:


  • Personalised regular contact with senior management
  • Tailoring our communication & contact options (phone, skype, face-to-face)
  • Providing specific treatment plans and ongoing wellness support
  • Developing customised training & support for your organisation
  • Utilising specific testing and assessment tools
  • Delivering programs to proactively manage specific issues
  • Providing psychology expertise and further referrals
  • Establishing tailored critical incident management and crisis plans
  • Making relevant resources and tools available for your specific needs

24/7 EAP Partner Helpline

 At Hunterlink we understand people can experience a crisis at any time. That’s why we offer support to our EAP partners on our free helpline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our counsellors are friendly, professional, and ready to provide immediate, confidential assistance to your staff. There is no waiting time or administration process – employees can be linked straight away with an experienced, trained counsellor. Whether your staff require one-off support or ongoing assistance, we can connect them with the right person and provide immediate access to live counselling.

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The Hunterlink EAP Difference

Unlike other EAP providers, Hunterlink is a not for profit organisation, holding a DGR charitable status. We believe immediate access to mental health services is a basic human right and should be available to all. Our aim is to break down barriers to assistance by moving away from the “capped sessions” EAP model so employees can access the help and support they need, when they need it, and for as long as they need it.

Hunterlink provides services to organisations and employees across Australia, thanks to the support of industry sponsors. Our partner network is extensive, covering Australia’s most remote areas, allowing time-critical response to major incidents. We partner with handpicked organisations who share the same forward-thinking wellbeing goals as us. Hunterlink is here to support your organisation and your employees, to grow and thrive.

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Let’s talk EAP

Partnering with an experienced EAP will help your organisation safeguard individual and workplace wellbeing into the future. Contact Hunterlink today and discover how partnering with us could benefit your organisation.