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Effective training provides many benefits for individuals and organisations alike. Organisations that support employees to take part in Hunterlink’s training programs report that the training strengthens staff learning & development, increases employee motivation and morale, and that overall, their staff are more engaged.

Hunterlink’s training complements learning and development programs, creating a learning environment which fosters individual growth and encourages development. The Hunterlink training program modules encourage self-reflection, continuous learning and a forum for conversation and exchange thus improving networks and communication across the organisation. The modules reflect current topics in organisational development and address the challenges of today’s work environment.

Hunterlink’s training programs can be run at your site, in your office or at a venue convenient for you and your team. This means we can offer a cost-effective learning opportunity to an unlimited number of participants without the need for travel. We also flexible training delivery schedules so you can have your training occur all at once or spread regularly throughout the year at regular intervals to offer a deeper understanding with the modules through reflection.

Hunterlink Lunch & Learn Training Programs

Lunch & Learn Programs

Hunterlink’s Lunch and Learn Series aims to inform and engage staff at all levels of your organisation. These short, informative learning modules are run in-house at your preferred location providing you the opportunity to receive cost-effective training in an informal setting with each module being 90 minutes in duration.


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Emotional Intelligence Puzzle

Social & Emotional Intelligence Programs

Programs focus on core competencies of EQ. You will learn to develop and implement these to enhance the understanding of your own and others emotional behaviours. You will learn how to adapt and manage responses to particular situations. Useful for anyone who works with or leads others and is important for those wanting to develop a better understanding of themselves and others in order to enhance personal and professional relationships.


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Stress Management Emotional Intelligence Training by Hunterlink

Stress Management Programs

Hunterlink’s Stress Management Programs focus on what is necessary for workers and leaders to produce ultimate results for self and organisations. The pressures and demands on work and personal life are blurred meaning stress in the workplace comes from what is is going on both on and off the job. Our programs provide the tools and resources to address workplace stress at its source by developing an understanding of the unique and complex organisational stress factors affecting your workplace and employees.


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Sample of Training Day

Hunterlink’s training programs offer flexible delivery to suit your needs. Here is a sample of a training day, made of 4 modules broken up by recess, lunch and afternoon tea. This include 6 hours of training across an 8 hour day.

Module 190 minutes
Recess30 minutes
Module 290 minutes
Lunch60 minutes
Module 390 minutes
Afternoon Tea30 minutes
Module 490 minutes

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