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Organisations in every industry can benefit from an emotionally intelligent workforce.


Focusing on developing emotional intelligence in your staff will increase employee engagement, enhance workplace harmony, create a healthy organisational culture and improve productivity. Concentrating on building emotional intelligence in your workforce will also reduce conflict, minimise disruption, lessen tension and position your organisation as an employer of choice.


Emotional intelligence is a highly valuable commodity. Here at Hunterlink, we’re committed to helping you build an emotionally intelligent workforce. That’s why we’ve created a range of comprehensive training programs and workshops, to foster healthy, happy and highly productive organisations.

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Hunterlink Specialises in Building Emotional Intelligence

Committed to improving organisation and employee health across 20+ industries, Hunterlink specialises in building emotional intelligence in organisations, large and small. An accredited provider of Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI) training, Hunterlink offers 26 specialist modules, covering all aspects of emotional intelligence.


Hunterlink can also tailor training and workshops to meet your specific requirements, drawing on the knowledge and experience of our in-house team of expert professionals. If you’re looking to give your organisation an edge, consider building the emotional intelligence of your workforce through Hunterlink’s specialist emotional intelligence training and workshops.

Emotional Intelligence Training with Hunterlink

Hunterlink is an accredited provider of Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI) training, with 26 SEI modules to choose from. Being an accredited provider means you’ll receive class-leading and widely recognised training that can be applied in all areas of life, not just in the workplace.


Each module covers a core element of social and emotional intelligence. You can choose training to best meet the needs of your workforce and organisation, whether it’s a single module or a suite of related modules. You can also choose when and where you access our training, either at our state of the art training facility in Newcastle Australia, elsewhere in Australia or even internationally.


Give your organisation an edge by building the emotional intelligence of your workforce. Contact the team at Hunterlink today to see how our SEI training can benefit your organisation. The full list of SEI training modules include:


Emotional Self AwarenessInitiative & Bias for ActionIntentionalityPowerful Influencing Skills
Accurate Self AwarenessAchievement DriveEmpathyConflict Management
Personal PowerRealistic OptimismSituational/Organisational AwarenessInspirational Leadership
Behavioural Self ControlResilienceService OrientationCatalyzing Change
IntegrityStress Management CommunicationBuilding Bonds
Innovation & CreativityPersonal AgilityInterpersonal EffectivenessTeamwork & Collaboration
Coaching & Mentoring OthersBuilding Trust
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Emotional Intelligence Workshops with Hunterlink

Hunterlink offers bespoke 1 on 1 and small group workshops, tailored to meet your unique requirements. You can also request a customised workshop, developed in-house by our expert team of counsellors, psychologists and organisational consultants.


Our customised workshops are developed to add real value to your organisation. We deliver intelligent, industry-leading training packages that enhance your ability to achieve KPIs and strengthen your workforce. Our flexible course delivery options mean that wherever you are, and whenever needed, Hunterlink can meet the unique training needs of your organisation.


Contact the team at Hunterlink today to discover how our customised and bespoke emotional intelligence workshops can add value to your organisation and give you the edge over your competition. Our most popular workshops include:


Drug & AlcoholEmotional IntelligenceDepression & Anxiety
Suicide PreventionWorkplace MediationRedundancy
Culture BuildingFatigueLifestyle Coaching
Domestic ViolenceCommunicationsMental Health

About Hunterlink

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Hunterlink is here to support you build the emotional intelligence of your workforce. An accredited provider of Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI) training, our training and workshops are tailored to your needs and delivered by our experienced team of professionals.


Investing in building emotional intelligence makes good business sense. Make your investment count and talk to us about introducing emotional intelligence training into your organisation.

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