Unresolved workplace conflict can cost your organisation through reduced productivity and low morale. Effective mediation is a necessity in the modern workplace, providing the chance for staff in conflict to talk over their differences with the help of an independent ear.

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What is mediation?

Mediation is the process of guiding people in conflict through a discussion of their differences. It should always be a voluntary process and shouldn’t be used to find fault or assign blame. Mediation is an effective conflict resolution technique when led by an experienced and independent facilitator and gives both parties the chance to talk through their issues, be heard, communicate better and resolve their differences. Mediation provides a comfortable, safe and structured setting to discuss a way forward, under the guidance of a trained, independent facilitator.

Why is mediation so important?

Unmanaged conflict can represent a significant cost to an organisation. Individual and organisational performance can be adversely affected; workplace morale can dive; legal costs can rise; absenteeism can soar; and staff turnover can become a real problem. It’s important that workplace conflict is well managed, to avoid mounting costs to the individual and to the organisation. Mediation is an important part of the conflict resolution process as it provides the opportunity to address conflict before it gets out of hand. Effective mediation can prevent further escalation and resolve issues to the satisfaction of both parties.

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When can mediation help?

Mediation can be an effective strategy when dealing with personal conflicts, differences of opinion or misunderstandings within the workplace. It’s also an effective way to deal with matters informally, before moving to formal dispute resolution processes. It’s important to remember that mediation should be a voluntary process and should not be used to find fault or make findings on the facts of a situation. It should also be noted that mediation is not an appropriate conflict resolution tool in all circumstances, particularly in cases of serious misconduct or where a relationship has been irreparably damaged.

Benefits of mediation for your workplace

Mediation has many benefits for your organisation and for your employees. Undertaking mediation is a cost effective and less time consuming alternative to formal dispute resolution proceedings. Mediation can limit disruption to the wider organisation by resolving conflicts in an effective and confidential way, before their impact can spread.  Successful mediation can improve internal and external working relationships, leading to better outcomes for employees and the organisation as a whole. Workplace communication can also be enhanced by introducing effective mediation as a conflict management tool.

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Mediation services offered by Hunterlink

Hunterlink can provide experienced mediators to facilitate confidential face-to-face sessions in your organisation. Our independent facilitators assist staff to discuss their issues using effective communication techniques, creating a healthier and happier work environment. We focus on building effective working relationships to avoid future conflict, with an emphasis on improving workplace communication. Our facilitators are impartial and are committed to supporting your staff in finding a resolution that works for each side.

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