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See what some of our valued clients are saying about Hunterlink and the services we offer. Hunterlink goes above and beyond the normal expectations of an EAP. Contact Hunterlink now to find out how we are changing the face of Employer Assistance Providers.

Farstad has recently embraced Hunterlink as our new EAP provider. We have found that access to 24 hour a day counselling services has been an asset to both our offshore and onshore employees. These services are extended, not only to our employees, but also to their immediate family members, which is certainly utilised and appreciated by our staff.

The ease of being able to obtain counselling as and when it’s required from various mediums has proven to be a great support and very reassuring to our employees and their families.

Katey Burns
Liaison Officer


Hi my name is Dave and I am 35 years of age.
I am married to my gorgeous wife Milly and have 2 healthy and gorgeous sons named Jack and Sam.

At a school camp I was involved in a terrible accident which resulted in me receiving 3rd degree burns to 60% of my body, including my face. I spent a year in hospital and the next two years of my life is rehabilitation, wearing a full body suit and dependant on drugs due to the physical pain. I was isolated from my friends and became increasingly depressed and anxious. 

At the age of 20 I was diagnosed with PTSD. I received a substantial payout for the incident and bought a house, car, and other luxury item. I found myself getting involved with the wrong crowd and eventually abusing narcotics and other substances. One by one every one of my friends were getting in trouble with the law or committing suicide.

Just as I was losing hope I met Milly and before I knew it I was the father of two beautiful boys and was tying the knot surrounded by friends and family on a remote island off Thailand. I gained a job and degree doing open cut mining and was getting paid an incredible amount of money.

Not before long the nightshift started taking its toll, crew members were being made redundant and stress levels were high. As a result of this I failed my final oral exam and the embarrassment and shame from that stopped me from returning to work and therefore returning to drug abuse. Soon my family and I were really struggling financially. We had our water cut off and were eating next to nothing.

I was then suggested by my bank manager at MMPCU to make contact with Hunterlink and speak to a counsellor named Gavin Kelso who specialised in drug and alcohol dependency issues. I didn’t know this at the time but this was the turning point in my life.

Day and night the team at Hunterlink offered me guidance and support. Gavin arranged financial council to help me with my finances and put together and working order plan to pay for my state debt recovery bills. We set out short term and long term goals and this helped me keep track of my progress. With these goals being achieved in combination with working on my mental health things started to become clearer.

Hunterlink have helped me find the core of my issues. I have been diagnosed with type 2 depression, anxiety and severe sleep apnea. I still do regular counselling sessions with Hunterlink and believe with their ongoing help I can get through this situation one day at a time. Either way today, I am alive and that’s the best gift anyone can have.

Big thanks to MMPCU and Hunterlink for the help in my rehabilitation.

Dave white.
Hunter valley.