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Vale Paul Karras - RIP
29 · March · 2016

This month marks the 12 month anniversary of the passing of Hunterlink’s Founding manager Paul Karras who sadly passed on Good Friday 2015 from battling liver cancer. Paul was a very caring man who only shared his life with those he was closest to. He made people feel comfortable enough that they could share their life story within 20 minutes of meeting them. Paul always believed that a man’s greatest assets he can have is how he engages with another human. Engagement is everything he said.

Paul believed all people can change, given the right environment and support

Hunterlink’s core business is providing employee assistance programs to the working industry and in 2012 Paul’s leadership saw Hunterlink step onto the national stage where we planted our feet in the to become leaders in our field. In 2013 we were awarded the most prestige award in the maritime industry for the best maritime welfare support service in Australia. This was one of Paul’s proudest moments. Hunterlink have recently been nominated again for a similar award on an international stage in London.

From Lorraine Randles your devoted partner, the Hunterlink team, past and present, we miss you mate. – R.I.P