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Hunterlink delivers mental health training to the Sydney staff of CSL
15 · September · 2016

Hunterlink delivered onsite mental health training to the office personnel at CSL’s Sydney office.

Topics covered were dealing with work stress, how to achieve a healthy life work balance and the importance of positive communication to enhance cohesive relationships for the CSL team. Hunterlink senior counsellor Phil Limon provided an interactive mental health training session also included the importance of avoiding stigmatizing colleges’ if they at some stage had experienced any past issues with mental health, and the importance of looking out for college’s who may need support from Hunterlinks team of case managers and specialist counsellors. 

Hunterlinks senior counsellor Phil Limon said ‘The staff were very great and very attentive enjoying the audience participation in the interactive educational training event.

Everyone relished the opportunity to share with the other trainees what works for them in dealing with work stress and how they enjoy achieving a healthy balance in their work and leisure time’ Feedback from participants were that it was fun and informative.