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Hunterlink Delivers Mental Health Training to the Wyalla staff of CSL
16 · September · 2016

Hunterlink’s travelled to Wyalla South Australia and delivered mental health training to CSL’s the crewmembers aboard the CSL Wyalla in the Spencer Gulf in June 2016.

Hunterlink’s senior counselor Phil Limon recounted that “It was an exciting and bumpy trip out at night in the pilot boat in pretty rough seas in the Spencer Gulf to dock with the large iron ore carrier the CSL Wyalla."

The ship’s crew were interested in hearing about ways to cope with the pressures of working in a contained and isolated job.’ Hunterlink delivered a raft of mental health strategies to the crew that supported them in navigating their way to avoid depression, anxiety, the perils of drug and alcohol usage and the importance of family and friends to achieve a healthy work and life balance.

Training crews with strategies to deal with the stresses of working far away from home on long swings is imperative due to the prevalence of depression and suicide within the maritime industry.   

Positive communication strategies were given to the crew to avoid issues with fellow crewmembers and the importance of calling Hunterlink if a work or personal problem becomes an issue.

With maritime suicide rates being an ongoing issue due to long periods away from home and family the message was to not hesitate if counselling and case management support was needed and that confidential help was just a free phone call away.       

The mental health training concluded with a question and answer sessions with the crew and an invitation was extended to the crewmembers to contact Hunterlink on our 24 hour support hotline if they ever needed assistance and to not hesitate contacting Hunterlink if they should need support of any kind.