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Bullying and Harassment
14 · October · 2016

Bullying and harassment can happen in any type of workplace, to paid or volunteer staff, and includes verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse by another member of the workplace.
Bullying and harassment may involve:
•    Sexual harassment, including unwelcome touching or comments
•    Verbal bullying, such as putdowns and personal hurtful remarks
•    Excluding you from activities that relate to your work
•    Initiation (“hazing”) – making you do things that are humiliating or inappropriate as part of “joining the team”
•    Deliberately making you feel unimportant or unvalued
•    Giving you tasks that are unreasonable or that can’t be done
Under Occupational Health and Safety, it is the responsibility of your employer to provide a safe workplace. If your employer is knowingly allowing bullying to occur, they are not meeting their responsibility.
If you are being bullied at work, check to see if your work has a complaints procedure. Alternatively, contact your HR department. And remember, if you are being physically assaulted or threatened, you can report this directly to the police.