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Hunterlink builds the capacity of your workforce by preparing for issues that could impact on organisational culture, employee performance and workforce retention. Managing these issues effectively saves time and money and develops a stable workforce.

Hunterlink has extensive experience supporting organisations through everyday challanges as well as completely unpredictable and catastrophic events. We are a team of highly experienced and qualified people who have an in-depth understanding of the issues impacting the maritime, transport and construction industries. These issues can include difficulties with individual employees, workplace change including redundancies or serious workplace accidents. Our philosophy is to help organisations be prepared and proactive when dealing with their workforce. We provide organisations and their staff with the skills and knowledge to manage issues as they arise, and provide 24/7 back-up support to help with the unexpected.

We support organisations in a number of ways including:

We start by preparing organisations to cope with the issues we know affect workplaces. These are often things like workers struggling to deal with challenges in their lives including drugs, alcohol, relationship breakdown, financial pressure, illness, death and more. These issues occur in every workplace, but how each workplace deals with these problems dictates the impact it will have on the workforce. Evidence shows that organisations that have systems in place to support their workers will benefit from staff who feel supported, seek help and can find a path to mental wellness.

We provide unlimited one-on-one counselling for workers who need individual help with the challenges they are facing. Our expert team is guaranteed to have dealt with any issue that a worker might have. We develop individual programs to support people through their personal issues. The cost of this personalised service is structured into the organisation's Employee Assistance Program and therefore comes at no cost to the individual. Having access to complimentary unlimited counselling takes the anxiety out of seeking help. It is a big factor in keeping your staff fit and capable for work.

Support for managers:
One of the significant challenges facing managers in the industrial sector is dealing with the personal issues of individuals in their workforce. Hunterlink can develop programs to help managers identify problems before they become critical, and train managers in the best process to help their staff. We like to equip managers to deal with the range of issues that might arise, but we can also be on site working with the management team when the situation requires. We equip managers to prioritise effectively in crisis situations and coach them in dealing with intense emotional and highly pressured situations. Hunterlink staff work with managers to identify people at risk and to develop programs to help. Once a staff member becomes part of the Hunterlink program, their care becomes confidential, but managers are kept informed of the individual's progress and fitness for work.

Hunterlink is an experienced provider of tailored training packages developed specifically for your workforce. Where an organisation has an identified skills or knowledge gap, Hunterlink can develop specialised training for employees and/or managers. Training can be tailored to individuals, teams or organisations to build capacity across the entire workforce. Our training initiatives help people strengthen their existing skills to build a positive team or organisational culture. Evidence shows investment in the development of a workforce pays dividends in increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. Higher engagement and innovative work practices can also be achieved through development and training.

Employee Assistance Program:
Hunterlink will develop an Employee Assistance Program tailored to your workforce. Our EAP is designed to equip employees with greater knowledge and practical skills to enhance their workplace wellbeing.

Benefits of a quality EAP program include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Reduced workplace injuries
  • Reduced workplace incidents and psychological based compensations claims

Hunterlink EAP