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At Hunterlink we change peoples lives, and we are very proud to say that sometimes we even save people's lives.

"As God is my witness I don’t know where I would be without Hunterlink, they saved me from death"

- Dave, Mining Worker

Hunterlink is a national organisation experienced in providing support to industry and organisations throughout Australia. Hunterlink's dedicated team of experts work around the clock to provide one-on-one specialist support for management and staff, helping people and organisations through challenging times and crisis situations. We work in boardrooms and work sites all over Australia and operate a national 24/7 helpline.

Hunterlink is a not-for-profit industry-leading organisation founded in response to a need for welfare support within the industry. We support unions, employers, employees and their families by enhancing the mental wellbeing of workers and their families. We help address substance use, mental health issues and any conditions causing distress in people’s lives. Our focus is on counselling, education and early intervention. We operate Employee Assistance Programs for a range of organisations, tailored to the needs of individual companies.

Our highly experienced and qualified counsellors have an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the transport, manufacturing and construction industries. We have affiliated partners in every port and capital city in Australia, as well as all rural and hard to access areas. Every request for help is regarded with upmost importance, and all cases are assessed immediately and responded to on the same day. Specialty services include psychological and physical welfare, language interpreter and accommodation. We work closely with industry representatives and employer associations to ensure we are fully informed of all issues impacting on the industrial landscape at any given time.

Hunterlink staff adhere to a professional code of conduct and will not share information with anyone unless authorised to do so in writing, or if required under Australian law. Our policies and procedures regarding the code of conduct and privacy of information are available by contacting us

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