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Employee Assistance Provider - EAP

As an Employee Assistance Provider, Hunterlink National is dedicated to excellence in support services on a 24hr basis for the working industry in Australia, including international seafarers visiting Australian waters.

At Hunterlink we understand that sometimes life deals situations that are too difficult to deal with alone. People and organisations need expert support to work through personal issues or critical incidents that can impact an entire workforce.

At Hunterlink we have worked with thousands of individuals, and a range of organisations, to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown, substance abuse, suicide, mental illness, deaths in the workplace and more. Our team of highly trained experts travel to every corner of Australia to provide support and assistance when needed. We take calls in the middle of the night because we know there is no convenient time to have a crisis.

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If you are an international seafarer visiting Australian waters, you can connect with a professional counsellor on Hunterlink’s free 24-hour helpline. 

In the last 12 months, Hunterlink have taken 1063 calls on our helpline from international clients, and provided over 2206 counselling sessions to clients. We have supported seafarers through a range of issues, including 76 men and women at risk of suicide.

If you are worried about the mental health of yourself or someone you care about, don’t hesitate to text, email or call us for advice and support on 1800 554 654.


  • 14 · October · 2016
    Bullying and Harassment

    Bullying and harassment can happen in any type of workplace, to paid or volunteer staff, and includes verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse by another member of the workplace.
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  • 13 · October · 2016
    Teens and Mental Health

    Adolescence can be a scary enough time for parents and their child, without the added worry of mental health issues. However, there is a strong link between the quality of parent–teenager relationships and an adolescent’s mental health. Healthy family relationships can help in reducing the chances of your child experiencing mental health problems.
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  • 12 · October · 2016
    Mental Health Week 2016 - Depression and Anxiety

    Depression and anxiety are more common in Australia than you might think, with an average of 1 in 4 people experiencing either depression or anxiety in their lifetime. But what are depression and anxiety?

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  • 11 · October · 2016
    5 Self-Care Quick Tips

    This week, from the 9th to the 15th of October, is National Mental Health Week. This year’s theme is “Learn and Grow”, a theme aimed at reducing stigma and encouraging all Australians to learn more about mental health.

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  • 10 · October · 2016

    Today, October 10th, is Mental Health Day!

    Let’s look at “What is Mental Health?”
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