Our Approach

Hunterlink National is dedicated to excellence in support services on a 24hr basis for the working industry in Australia, including international seafarers visiting Australian waters.

At Hunterlink we understand that sometimes life deals situations that are too difficult to deal with alone. People and organisations need expert support to work through personal issues or critical incidents that can impact an entire workforce.

At Hunterlink we have worked with thousands of individuals, and a range of organisations, to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown, substance abuse, suicide, mental illness, deaths in the workplace and more. Our team of highly trained experts travel to every corner of Australia to provide support and assistance when needed. We take calls in the middle of the night because we know there is no convenient time to have a crisis.

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  • 30 · March · 2016
    Welcome: Hunterlink National - New Website

    Hunterlink are proud to launch the official opening this week of their new website.
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  • 29 · March · 2016
    Vale Paul Karras - RIP

    This month marks the 12 month anniversary of the passing of Hunterlink’s Founding manager Paul Karras who sadly passed on Good Friday 2015 from battling liver cancer.
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  • 24 · March · 2016
    Komatsu - Hunterlink EAP

    Hunterlink are extremely excited to be working with Komatsu and providing their company with unique EAP services.
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